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Movie Aeterna. Part 1

Aeterna. Part 1
Aeterna. Part 1
IMDb 5.2
Description: A large-scale adaptation of one of the best Russian fantasy. The plot is based on Vera Kamsha's very popular cycle of novels "Gleams of Aeterna". The film stars Sergey Goroshko - star of "Major Grom: Plague Doctor" and Kirill Zaycev - star of "Three Seconds". The power in the Talig kingdom was seized by the Ollar dynasty four hundred years ago,. Aldo Rakan, the heir of the legitimate king in exile, wants to overthrow the usurpers and return the throne to his family. But the way to the throne of Talig lies through the invincible commander Roke Alva, who suppressed all the uprisings against the Ollars. Young Richard Oakdell, the son of one of the rebels, has his own scores with Alva. Rakan dreams of taking the throne, and Oakdell wants to take revenge on his father's killer, but they will face the most powerful force in this cruel world - fate.