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Hazbin Hotel

Cartoon Hazbin Hotel
Year: 2024
Country: United States
Age: R
In attempt to find a non-violent alternative for reducing Hell's overpopulation, the daughter of Lucifer opens a rehabilitation hotel that offers a group of misfit demons a chance at redemption....
IMDb 7.7
1 season
Hazbin Hotel
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Animation, Comedy


Cartoon Leo
Year: 2023
Age: PG
Jaded 74-year-old lizard Leo has been stuck in the same Florida classroom for decades with his terrarium-mate turtle. When he learns he only has one year left to live, he plans to escape to experience life on the...
IMDb 7.0
Comedy, Family, Musical

Babylon 5: The Road Home

Cartoon Babylon 5: The Road Home
Year: 2023
Country: United States
Age: PG-13
Travel across the galaxy with John Sheridan as he unexpectedly finds himself transported through multiple timelines and alternate realities in a quest to find his way back home. Along the way he reunites with some...
IMDb 6.8
Animation, Sci-Fi